FileStream SafeShield

FileStream SafeShield 2.1.5

Virtual Windows sessions for total system protection


  • Easy to use
  • You can exclude certain files and folders
  • Safest option to test unknown programs


  • Requires system restart to disable it
  • It's no substitute for a security app

Very good

FileStream SafeShield enables you to visit potentially dangerous websites and install unknown programs without putting your whole system at risk.

The idea behind FileStream SafeShield is to create a kind of virtual working session, where nothing can modify or damage system settings. Everything you do (websites you visit, data you download, documents you create) will be kept absolutely confidential, and the system will go back to its original state with a simple restart.

Thanks to this extra layer of security provided by FileStream SafeShield, you can test unknown applications, browse potentially risky websites, do online banking and other private actions without leaving any traces behind. Your privacy will be safe and your system, totally clean and protected.

While FileStream SafeShield can definitely help keeping your system safe, you should remember it’s no substitute for other security apps like an antivirus or antispyware apps. Also, having to restart the system to disable it was a bit annoying.

FileStream SafeShield creates a virtual user session in Windows so that you can test programs and visit websites without putting your system at risk.

FileStream SafeShield


FileStream SafeShield 2.1.5

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